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Retailer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays (Free)

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Make more Holiday Sales in 2017

Did You Know: Not everyone hates holiday shopping. 60% of Millennials say they like or “love” holiday season shopping.
Kelton Global
Did You Know: It pays to plan for early shoppers. 32.3% of consumers started their holiday shopping in October or earlier.

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ASD Market Week

Retailer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The holidays generate $630 billion in revenue for retailers, accounting for 19% of total sales in the United States -- that’s more than Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, and St. Patrick's Day combined. Download this guide for tips to make 2017 your best holiday season yet, without the usual holiday stress.

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A month-by-month planning guide of what to do when for the greatest results
Wholesale product trends and merchandising tips
Staffing and marketing essentials
The staples: gift + novelties you should always carry
6 Gift + Novelties product trends that will drive sales right now
A curated list of vendors to contact and visit Gift + Novelties at ASD in 2016
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