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Find the six top trends in retail, fashion, gift and home for 2020. 

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Over 500+ photos of merchandise & stores displays to help your store be on-trend.

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The best gift and accessories products in 2020! 

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 As a retailer, knowing the product trends helps you stay ahead of your customers by anticipating what they want before they know they want it. In 2020, there will be some amazing trends bubbling up that you will want to know about so you can shop for them during your market visits. 

From farmhouse style to coastal themes, and beauty bloggers making home spa days a thing to manly manicures, you will find comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge trends and the products that you will want to stock for your customers! To help you leverage these trends in your business, you can download our latest retail report for FREE!

"I have found this ebook to deliver detailed insights into a great topic. This eBook is full of variety and great instructional methods. The knowledge and expertise displayed in this ebook has allowed me to grow my business."

Mark Mainwright
Founder & CEO, AnotherGreatCompany

March and July 2020 – Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Joy Love

Director of Merchandise Planning

San Diego Zoo

We have 15 stores, this guide is inspires our buyers to test new product and challenges them to come up with creative displays!

Jacob Umboeffer 

Store Owner


This book is a must-have for any retailer. It helps us buy merchandise that moves off the shelves! Thanks ASD for making this!