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ASD is 9 Trade Shows in 1 Central Location that features 19 Retail Categories from 2,700 Vendors from around the world. By attending, you can: 


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ASD happens two times per year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each year, our trade show hosts 45,000 buyers from over 90 countries. From department stores to convenience stores, general stores to gift shops, from grocery store distributors to fashion boutiques, our show is an all-inclusive destination for any retailer to find unique merchandise that will set their store merchandise and provide great sales margins as well. What's more, attendees can also network with each other and meet with retail industry experts in order how to learn how to sell more products online, drive foot traffic in their stores and improve their general business operations.

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We sold $1.29 million worth of merchandise specifically purchased at ASD. It’s the fastest turning and highest profit margin merchandise from any market.”

– Bruce Leahy, Quips N Quotes

No doubt every business owner has the same goal; to make money. You are about to enter the largest wholesale merchandise trade show in the U.S. 

– ASD Market Week

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100+ Educational Sessions

Learn and stay ahead with over 100 free retail educational sessions, brought to you by the Independent Retailer Conference and Internet Merchants Association.

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